Born from the desire to serve the needs of our community, the Salem-Keizer Business Alliance was established to:

  • Encourage local commerce
  • Assist merchants to become more profitable
  • Provide no-cost fundraising opportunities to schools, youth groups, non-profits organizations, and churches.
  • Improve our local economy

Below are some of the advantages of Salem Keizer Business Alliance membership:

1. The SKBA promotes business-to-business commerce and provides creative programs to invite the general public into member businesses.

2. Advertising on radio, TV, print, and social media will direct the public to The SKBA web site where information about member businesses can be found.

3. As a welcome into The SKBA, many
current participants offer great perks to
new members.

4. The SKBA participates in community support programs, bringing greater awareness to member businesses.

5. As well as offering free memberships to schools, youth groups, churches and
many types of non-profits, The SKBA
assists in their fundraising efforts.

6. Members of The SKBA in any city are
welcome to attend functions in any
other city that has an affiliate chapter.

The founders of the Salem-Keizer Business Alliance believe in community.
Working together, we can improve local commerce and find solutions to the needs of our schools, churches, and non-profits.

Dedicated to improving local commerce while supporting schools, youth groups, non-profit organizations, and churches in our community, the Salem-Keizer Business Alliance is an economic development company registered as a chamber of commerce within the state of Oregon.